Nov 30, 2012 at 15:30 o\clock

Patriots-Jets preview

The Patriots and Jets will renew their rivalry this Thanksgiving night when they face off.  Of course recently the Jets have looked a bit foolish when facing the Pats on national television so maybe this game won’t be very exciting but still if you’re playing weekly fantasy football you’ve got to be excited. The Jets still have a very good defense but it’s shown some major weakness recently and they may not be able to stop the Patriots high powered offense. The Patriots can’t stop anybody so there’s that too. In weekly fantasy football Rob Gronkowski may not be back until the fantasy playoffs start and there’s no word yet if Aaron Hernandez will be ready to go for this game or not. That leaves a couple of journeyman tight ends for the Patriots to use in addition to Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd. Lloyd may be a sunk cost in weekly fantasy football but Welker still has big time capability so he may be the top option for the Pats this week. There may be some value to Stevan Ridley as well but the New York front seven is fierce and may not give him much room to maneuver in this game.

The Jets really don’t have anyone who’s worth starting in weekly fantasy football yet again. They don’t have offensive talent; it’s just that simple. Mark Sanchez is awful and Tim Tebow doesn’t see enough snaps to be relevant. You might try Shonn Greene if you’re desperate in your weekly fantasy football leagues but only if you’re really desperate. He doesn’t score many touchdowns, he’s a terrible receiver, and he’s not getting enough yards to be a steady starter. Add those three together and there’s every chance that he’s still on the waiver wire in our league. That’s exactly where he belongs because you’re not going to get much from him this week either.