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mir is langweilig... naja dann mach ich halt quizzies...

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Naja die Ergebnisse werden ja eh wie immer sein~ ;)

dark wings

What type of wings do you have?


brown means you are a fairly down to earth person and you are fascinated by life. You have alot to say and dislike it when people wont listen to what interests you. You are mature (even if you dont show it) and know how to have a good time. You are very good looking and can sometimes be quite modest about it. You have had quite a few people crushing on you for a while but they gave up on you because you never showed any interest in them. The truth is you probably had no clue any of these people liked you and you sometimes have a hard time reading people. Just because they dont like you anymore doesnt mean they cant change their minds so keep an eye open for somebody who is showing some interest in you. Your element is earth.

what does your eye color say about you???


You would be an adorable black and white kitty with a playful, laid-back personality.

If You Were a Cat, What Would You Look Like? (Awesome, ...

You'll probley comite sucide!!
How will you die!?!?

(Wehe jemand nimmt das ernst!!  ò_ó  )


You are black bile, or Melancholia. Comes from the word melancholic, meaning "depressed, tending to depress the spirits, irascible, sad, saddening."

Good qualities: You are very sensitive. Your emotions are very strong, and you care about the world around you. People like you because they know you're real and that once they have your friendship, you truly feel for them and you will always love them.

Bad qualities:You fail to see the beauty in life. You simply can't find anything to be happy about, and you only know focus on what troubles you, and not on what you're grateful for. You're a little self centered, thinking that no one understands you, and that you have it the worst.

You season:Autumn. You're full of color and emotion, but you're quite bitter. You have a truly beautiful soul, but people can't help but think you're cold and stiff.

Your element: Earth. You are very down-to-earth, realizing that this world isn't all rainbows and butterflies. You're not a dreamer, and your feet are placed firmly on the ground.

Most compatible:Black bile. It's easiest for you to get along with people who are similar to you. You can't live without people who understand your pain.

Least compatible:Phlegm. Phlegm fails to see the seriousness of the world, and that ticks you off. Phlegm seems to think that the world "just is," and nothing has to be done about it, whereas you think someone really needs to get out there and make a difference.

Which of the four humors are you?


~unique and special~

Personality test fer all you anime geeks out there!!!(7...


Your power element is darkness. Everytime there is light, there is also an equal amount of darkness. You don't like to be bothered by anyone, and hate being weaker than someone else. You often stay inside till it is dark enough for you to go out. You possess the powers of all the darkness in the world.

What is your power element?


Human: You are curious and loyal to friends and family. You are couagous, but sometime that can be seen as foolishness. You prefer to attack with brute force, but you are willing to use trickery to get your way.

Are you an Elf, Dwarf or Human?( Pictures included)


You love Mascara! yay! mascara is up-lifting for your beautiful eyelashes. It gives you any kind of look for any occasion


You are Eyeliner. You express yourself through the thickness or thiness of your eyeliner. You feel like you when you have it on. Eyeliner rocks you outa this world!

What make-up product are you? with pics


You are pressed Chocolate cake. You are intense and dark. You are clever and funny, but you may have a hidden side. That doesn't mean that your friends aren't there - everyone loves Chocolate!

What cake sums up your personality?



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o_O hoi! =D

Musik: the distillers - Beat your heart out

so ich hatte endlich (!!!) wieder mal zeit für quizzies! *_*

look at this xD :

you are angel of darkness, you have a low self esteem, and you cry alot about why the world is so mean to you, cheer up little one, there are many others just like you (thats including me) dont let people get you down, anyone who doesnt like you is just a waste of your time, anyways your a loner, and you live in solitude, you wish that things could be easier for you, but you just cant find a way out, you dont have many friends, but you wish you did, your mostly just lonely.
what angel would you be (amazing pictures!)

(^^'' naja... wie immer halt... )


HASH(0x8b6e6c8)Pride- the mother of all sins. You have an excessive belief in your own abilities, and that interferes with your recognition of the grace of God. It is the sin from which all other sins arise.

Color: Violet
Animal: Horse
Reason: Elementary school teachers always told you to "Believe in yourself".
Punishment: Being broken on the wheel.
Which of the Seven Deadly Sins consumes you?

( *lol* ... *schulterzuck* okey ^^' )


Your symbol is a Butterfly! A butterfly represents a soul in Greek mythology because of the god/dess Eros and Psyche. They were true soulmates and Eros gave her his soul in the symbol of a butterfly. You have a true soulmate on your hands! Yay!


Your symbol is a heart. You sorta know what you're looking for in your love, but you need some help finding them. Just date around, see what's there!

What symbol of love are you?

( ^^ stimmt beides..~ ein wenig ;P )


you want a bad boy lol
you want a guy who has a bad guy rep. you love the fact that he stands up for himself and has the whole macho thing going, but he is also innocent and cute, you want some one that you know can look after you and keep you safe, but you can also be totally honest with and talk to about anything.
which guy is right for you?

( wenn ich auf jungs stehen würde... =) )


How do you look if you're Japanese?(GIRLS ONLY)


The "Lone" Wolf
You perfer to go solo
What kind of animal are you?


you are darkness. just like me. you have a compound of evil and negative enregy built up inside of you. you may have some trouble in holding in what you are thinking and thats okay. just dont let it get to serious.


Your love is sweet and innocent, your in mad love, but your friends come first.
What is your love?

( =D  ehm... joahrr... kann sein )

Your element is Darkness. You want to inflict pain or be alone. You wish to be herd. Power of Darkness: You seem to have a never ending will of pain that you could inflict. You have a heart though. Your powers could tear anything apart but can you mend it back together?


Your element is Light and Dark, you are confused most of all, not sure what to follow but soon you may find a path. Power of dark and Light: You are the most powerful yet confused..your powers battle each other but at times come to gether to make you one.

Your Element! (quiz)(6 different choices)

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eigentlich nur...

....videos! XD"  ich hab die hier im netz gefunden, ich finds sie geil und einfach nur zum todlachen:

die guten alten spice girls...~  *seufz*

barbie girl!   wer hatte nicht auch so ein plastik teil mit übergrossen hüften und brüsten  *loool*

system of a down! *g* etwas anders-...

ping pong im matrix style! û_u  respekt!

lebensretter am stadtbrunnen... baywatch mal anders.

geht lieber nicht betrunken schwimmen. =P

das arme baby  *rofl*

WARNING:  ohrenqual pur!