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Established in July 2006, Asian fashion retailer offers a wide range of high-quality fashion jewelry, accessories, and beauty products, all carefully selected by in-house stylists. currently features more than 300 fashion brands from Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and more, and launches over 20,000 new arrivals for fashion, jewelry, and beauty per season. Highlighting the latest trends and styles, is dedicated to providing the best platform for designers and fashion brands to connect with international customers. is the sister website of leading Asian entertainment retailer, named as one of the "Top 50 Retail Sites" in the U.S. by Internet Retailer magazine. For more information, go to

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Caring For Jewelry

While fashion jewelry is also commonly referred to as junk jewelry and costume jewelry, both terms that make the jewelry sound worthless, taking good care of it is an absolute must. One of the most important things you should remember about fashion jewelry is that unlike fine jewelry that is made of precious metal and stone, it will tarnish and fade and can look quite unsightly if not cared for well. Fine jewelry can be restored to its original state by polishing and buffing. You will have no such luck with your fashion jewelry.Cleaning agentsCleaning agents that are used for fine jewelry can also be used to clean fashion jewelry. However it is very important to check the ingredients of the cleaner before using it on a piece of jewelry. Products that have acid, alcohol, ammonia and vinegar are an absolute no no as these can corrode and damage your jewelry beyond your imagination.Homemade cleansers - soap vs. toothpasteWhile a lot of people believe that a mild soap and water is good enough to clean your fashion jewelry, studies show that this can do more harm than good. Soap leaves residue on the jewelry thus making it look very dull and unattractive. Toothpaste on the other hand has come out famed. It has proven to be cost and cleaning effective.However, it is important to make sure that the toothpaste does not contain any abrasive substances in it.Using soft buff clothsPieces of buff cloth are very effective in cleaning jewelry that is dirty and dusty. These pieces can be bought at a local jewelry store. Fashion jewelry, especially bracelets, necklaces and chains have a tendency to lose their shine with repeated wear. Immerse your jewelry in some cleanser and then wipe it clean with a piece of soft dry buff cloth and watch the shine return.Maintaining order and storing your fashion jewelryWhile cleaning your jewelry is an important chore how you choose to store it is equally important. Never ever make the mistake of putting all your fashion jewelry into one bag or one compartment of a jewelry box. This could be fatal. It is important to remember that while jewelry is stored it tends to rub against one another, thus causing scratches, removing plating etc. Fashion jewelry must be categorized and stored so that pieces do not get entangled and entwined and damage each other. Always keep the newer jewelry separated from the older ones.

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In Search of Hattie Carnegie

On the day of the Inauguration, there was much intrigue about the necklace - or was it a pin? - worn at the collar of Mrs. O’s Isabel Toledo lemongrass dress. Questions would be answered soon enough. The mystery accessory proved to be a Victorian sash pin, acquired through the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection.The discovery of Carole Tanenbaum’s collection, a finely curated, hand-picked selection of costume jewelry has opened up a new world for us. We now often visit the collection’s site to admire the distinctive pieces, or to read updates on Carole’s blog (the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection provided jewelry worn in Grey Gardens, which premieres this evening on HBO). The collection has also revealed a few more secrets about Mrs. O’s enviable brooch collection.On a campaign stop in Pittsburgh last October, Mrs. O wore an orange flower pin at the shoulder of her Abstract rose print J.Crew dress. We recognized a similar pin on Carole’s site - a rare Hattie Carnegie silk flower pin from the 1960s - and later confirmed that indeed Mrs. O’s pin was Hattie Carnegie as well. We were unfamiliar with the designer at the time, but eager to learn more.In 1904, Henrietta Kanengeiser emigrated to the US from Austria-Hungary at the age of 18. After changing her name to Hattie Carnegie in 1909, she opened a millinery shop on E. 10th Street in New York City called Carnegie - Ladies Hatter. In 1923, the flagship Hattie Carnegie boutique opened at 42 East 49th Street. En route, Hattie Carnegie had begun manufacturing a high quality costume jewelry line in 1918, which continued to be sold after her death in 1959 and well into the 1980s.Carole Tanenbaum’s collection offers rare Hattie Carnegie pieces of the highest quality and finest condition for the serious Fashion Jewelry collector. For those who don’t mind a few scratches or missing stones, and pieces that likely aren’t as rare, eBay also has a range of Hattie Carnegie pieces up for auction. A quick search led us to the following: #1 Bee brooch, #2 Turquoise flower pin, #3 Blue flower pin. The pear pin shown above is a Hattie Carnegie pin (stamped “Hattie Carnegie” on the back), acquired a few weeks ago. It has signs of wear - the paint is chipped in a few places, the closure a bit bent - but we will treasure it, and the hidden connection to Mrs. O, none the less.

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How Healthy Are You?

Costume jewelry is used specifically to dress up an outfit. Sequins, beads, and brooches are some examples of costume jewelry. People tend to look down on costume jewelry and dismiss it as cheap trinkets and baubles. The fact is that Fashion Jewelry is a very popular form of jewelry and its low price should not be held against it.Jewelry has been part and parcel of human attire for thousands of years. It is well known that the right piece of jewelry can adorn a plain outfit and beautify it. Conversely, the wrong piece of jewelry can spoil the effect of even the well-designed outfit.Towards the end of the 1800s, costume jewelry made its first appearance. It was made of general material, nothing valuable. It imitated the style of the fine jewelry then in vogue. Though the material was cheap, the time and effort that went into its making was enormous.A common misperception is that costume jewelry is cheap jewelry. The material used may be cheap, or, more appropriately, low-priced. But the making and crafting requires all the care and attention of fine jewelry. There is no ban on the use of semi-precious gemstones in costume jewelry, and you will see exquisite examples of costume jewelry with semi-precious stones which make it very valuable.You select costume jewelry to highlight a specific feature of a specific dress. That article will not match any other dress. In other words, costume jewelry is outfit-specific.All through its long journey till today, costume jewelry has faced the criticism of being single-use jewelry. Its low price and ready availability, its salient qualities, have turned out to be its weaknesses, preventing it from gaining the respectability it deserves. Costume jewelry matches the design and style of traditional fine jewelry in every respect except the material and cost. Costume jewelry is available everywhere - from street bazaars to high street fashion shops.Costume jewelry is a blessing for the truly fashion conscious. The fashion conscious will not worry about the snoot-value of the jewelry he or she is wearing! Their philosophy is, ‘If it is beautiful, it is jewelry!’ When you do your best to get every thing else at a low price, there’s no harm in buy costume jewelry which is already low-priced. Since there is such a wide variety of styles and designs in costume jewelry, you are bound to find the article that goes well with that party dress you brought back from Ibiza! Give all your dresses the costume jewelry treatment and watch them come alive like never before!

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Student hurt during bad weather

In spite of hourly checks last week of the campus status information page as well as my eden mail for a possible note from my professor, I realized there was, in fact, class. I decided, in spite of my better judgment, to head out to my 7:40 p.m. “Sociology of Deviant Behavior” class in Murray 221. I had my trusty snow boots with the all-terrain grip soles and I thought nothing could possibly happen in the two blocks between my close apartment and Murray. The University had surely cleared the paths.Maybe when I get there, it’ll be canceled. I just can’t imagine the University not canceling class in this weather, as there is more than 6 inches of fresh snow.” These were the thoughts in my head as I crossed George Street and headed toward Murray across Vorhees Quad. The ground was deceptively slick, as the earlier snow had frozen to a sheet of ice topped by seemingly innocent fresh powder. As I rounded the corner after passing Scott Hall I slipped for the first time, a victim of the slight downgrade. Mostly just embarrassed, I thanked the good Samaritans who had stopped to check that I was OK and brushed myself off.Another 20 feet or so down the central path that leads right up to Murray Hall, I was feeling good. Slippery, yes, but I was walking slowly and carefully. All of a sudden, the uneven pavement got me again. Boom! Busted my butt again... this time less gracefully, and I landed rather hard on my left wrist. One of the same good Samaritans asked, “Where are you going? Do you need help?” I assured him I would be fine to make it to Murray — which I was, as it was only about ten feet away.Finally reaching the inside of the building, I shook off the cold and realized, holy mother of God, my wrist hurt! Looking down, I noticed my wrist was about the size of a baseball and rather lumpy. Having come this far, I walked upstairs and told my professor that I was afraid I had hurt myself and would like to go get checked out. He, very graciously, let me leave class. I crossed the quad without incident this time, noticing that the University had finally decided to do something about the snow; there was a pickup truck plowing the walk. No salt, just plow. I then walked to the hospital in a great deal of pain.It is now two hours later and I have just arrived home from Robert Wood Johnson ER, where the nice orthopedic doctors took my x-rays and were kind enough to diagnose me with a fractured wrist — all because the University was too cavalier with their weather preparations. Who needs salt when you can plow? Sand? Pfft! We laugh at your amateur desire for traction. I cannot fathom that I am the only person who had an issue with this Wednesday, given the predilection of the female student body for fashionable yet wholly unsafe Ugg boots.So thank you, Rutgers. I got a whole slew of new experiences today. I fell trying to go to class. I became an ER patient. I broke my first bone! Just thought I’d share how much your preparation meant to me!I can only hope that there was some sort of grave mistake that prevented the quad from being salted and safe for ugg boot .