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Function: is the switch air conditioning control circuit.
Use and maintenance Note: Always check the air conditioning control
coach bags circuits have frayed insulation layer phenomenon, if so, should be promptly replaced. If the air conditioning system fuse burning, do not rush to replace the fuse, but should first check failures, such as troubleshooting and then replace the fuse power. Do not take the insurance, short, or they may burn out the whole line, the car may also adversely affect other circuits.
Note 8 Other  automotive air conditioning refrigerant must use the special, special refrigeration oil, otherwise, not only affect the cooling effect, serious cases will damage the compressor; each repair, all open pipe of the "O" ring must be replaced . open the pipeline for maintenance fluid reservoir must be replaced after the dryer.

Affect the project cost for many reasons, both subjective factors, but also objective factors; both the initial design investment decisions, and there are construction design, investment implementation issues; existing management problems, but also economic structure. In short, the project cost control is a system project, the whole process, a full range coach outlet of control.  ond, the Socialist Concept of Honor Strategy 1Fourth, the current style construction for the new situation, the masses of the new requirements, included in the discipline inspection at all levels focus on education throughout the socialist concept of honor to the anti-corruption education is always to enhance the learning targeted and effective.
4, Keywords: Migrant Workers Trade Union

Abstract] this year, China's stock market started to decline since July, the lowest point of fall 1500, down more than 30% decreased magnitude, indeed rarely seen in recent years. This fall, drew the author of many of the industry fell This time the reason. I think many of them is wrong, profit is set too large and profitable business the root causes of the stock market crash.
Shanghai Composite Index at 2,200 points, the corresponding market average price-earnings ratio of 60 times, while foreign (especially U.S.) mature stock market average price-earnings ratio is about 20 times, many people considered high PE ratio is the reason why the stock market crash
1. Sixth, those who turn allotment holders who previously used to switch the placement of shares traded machine can throw a handful of big profits; seventh, on February 19 this year, B-share market opening up to. Vision of the B-share market which investors and insider trading ahead of those who know the policy of using B-share marke wholesale coach bagst surge appears to earn huge foreign exchange market