Dani goes London

24.06.2005 um 17:51 Uhr

this is it...

... turn the pages!

I decided to move my blog to a rather anonymous site allowing me to backtrack the readers *harhar*

Just joking, I've given out this blog address rather randomly, just drop me a line or gis a yell if you want the new location of my wired thoughts.

So long, my friends and enemies!


24.06.2005 um 12:40 Uhr


As we topped up our stashes lately, I am regularly (daily?) tempted, and every now and then I'm having a quiet spliff in the back garden, not unnoticed by our neighbours. Anyway, so I did yesterday after coming home, but unfortunately my mate's arrived and took me out for a drink on the Sainsbury's car park.

The effects a tiny little spliff has on me these days is quite amazing. Thinking back when I was younger, I usually smoked an ounce per week, solids that is. A luxury life you might think but that's just one of the advantages having a trafficker as boyfriend (the other one is being fukin nicked off work, interviewed for hours and then walkin' off as there wasn't any evidence for them to keep me in. sigh.).

Well these days tho, hitting to being thirty than anything else I must admit my body (apparently) can't really handle soft drugs anymore. I sat around fekin paralysed (as it happened just 2 weeks ago at someone else's gaff, don't remind my of that, me silly cow). And the munchies. Sod it. I'll just go for the charlie in future, I might melt away my nostrils but at least I can get me mouth open...

23.06.2005 um 17:11 Uhr

On any given Thursday

The nearer we get to the weekend, the more likely it is I might end up drunk in a pub somewhere between the office and my gaff.

So, Thursday's the new Friday anyway, it's a lovely day, nananaaaa, will pick up my mate Knut soon-ish (for those who know him, yeh, no joke, he's seriously considering movin' over for job n dat) and bugger off for a chilled pint in a pub with a view. It bolloxish hot!

Anyway, slightly better day today, even had a nice chat with my boss, shedloads to do, feckin work is piling on my desk. Better go now.