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Apr 27, 2011 at 20:40 o\clock

USD/CHF - Technical and Fundamental Look

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The dollar-Swiss franc, points out that fear in the markets we would be in retreat. This is what comes to this crossing point that is often used as a measure of risk in financial markets. However, fear of a collapse in the eurozone privileges the Swiss franc since the U.S. financial problems are also important. Just watching USD/CHF pair is not enough you also need to have a demo account buying USD/CHF online software for keep tracking statistics about market trends.

In the short term we see that the movement has had a bearish rally that has led to a recent low at 0.9563 and has been locked before the major media of 0.9548 and 0.9463 it reached last October 14.We believe that the crossing has upside potential to the 0.9800 area which also coincides with the average of the last 50 sessions.

Further up the parity is the average of the last 100 sessions. By observing the oscillators we see that the stochastic is rebounding after reaching oversold band. This coupled with the price has touched the bottom of the Bollinger band reminds us that the price has the potential gains.

From a fundamental standpoint, Switzerland to be an economy close to that of Germany and applying orthodox monetary policy for now is still a clear commitment to hedging. In fact, many speak of the National Bank of Switzerland, the SNB would be a worthy successor to the Bundesbank for monetary rectitude. What we are gonna do this having a demo account buying USD/CHF online software immediatly and wait the right time for trade USD/CHF pair.

From our point of view, the SNB is not as 'holy' as many as you paint over the crisis has also applied quantitative measures as 'ugly' is that it has been active in Forex Market to curb the appreciation of Franco.