Australia - Jan. - June 2005

19.03.2005 um 16:40 Uhr

Adelaide to Melbourne via Great Ocean Road

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Tuesday leaving Adelaide behind us (Monica, Selina and Mila) and travel to Melbourne. The weather is cloudy and rainy and I'm a little bit nervous to drive in the city after such a long time without driving a car. But everything went OK and in the later afternoon we arrived in Mt. Grambier.

We spent the night in Jail (and Backpacker which was before a real jail) and the next morning we had a look at the Blue Lake and we also did a walk around the crater. Nature is amazing here but the weather is still cold and windy.

After a day of driving we arrived in Halls Gap, in the middle of the Grampians Nationalpark and we had a lovely Youth Hostel there. The McKenizie Falls are flabbergasting and exhilarating and in the evening we're exhaused from our walks.

The next day we decided to drive directly to the Great Ocean Road and it's was worth. The beautiful lookouts make us speechless and of course the view at the 12 Apostels. Apollo Bay a small town was our next stop for the night and the backpackers was quite good. We meet Davide from Melbourne und a few people from Israel there. I learnt even a few words ibra.

Yesterday we went surfing in Torque in the afternoon and after that we drove a little bit drosy to Melbourne. I was much more nervous to arrive in Melbourne, the second biggest city in Australia, but we arrived at Adam's house without any problems.

We're happy to have a accomodation for free, even if it's too cold at night and too hot during the day :)

09.03.2005 um 17:00 Uhr

Kangaroo Island

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Was last Saturday / Sunday with Martina and Ana on Kangaroo Island. What a fantastic and great experience.

We had a lot of fun and saw unbelievable things.

On Saturday morning we had to be early in the City to catch the couch bus to the ferry. The trip was comfortable but we were all a little bit tired. After we embarked on the ferry, Ana got a little bit seasick, because the sea was really rough.

The driver, Marc, awaited us already in Kangaroo Island and our trip began. Although the weather was windy and cloudy, we enjoyed the Saturday. We saw amazing beaches and the best part of this day was, the wild seals. I never saw this before, so I was extremely impressed.

Our accomodation in the evening was quite OK and we shared it together with Denise (Canadian) and Shuij (Japanese boy). I learnt a couple of new Japanese words :). After the BBQ we deceided to go for a walk to see some wild animals. Unfortunately it was too dark and we just heard them. It was really scary, to hear them and not to see them. But all in all, we had a lot of fun.

The next morning started with a simple breakfast and then we drove to the Remarkable Rocks. What an exhilarating place. I wanted to stay a little bit longer there, but we had to go. On the way to the Flinders Chase Nationpark we saw a lot of Wallabies and even an Echinda. The little animal park which we visited in the afternoon was not that good and the animals are a little bit poor there. Especially the birds have too small boxes. But there was one parrot who could speak, he always said: "Hello, wanna cookie?"

I could even hold a kangaroo baby there, his mother died, so he is growing up now in the park.

Kangaroo Island was fantastic and it's worth-seeing.


09.03.2005 um 17:00 Uhr

my last week

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My last week started here in Adelaide. I'm as always sad to leave this place, but I'm looking forward to see new things. This week I'm again still busy with study, because my exam is the next Friday and Saturday. The next Tuesday I'm going to leave Adelaide together with Selina and Mila. We rented a car and we're going to drive to Melbourne together. We still have to plan what and where we exactly would like to go, but I think we'll do that at the weekend or next Monday.

Last big Party on Saturday here !!

23.02.2005 um 16:26 Uhr

what I have done so far..

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I'm still alive and I'm so sorry for not writting such a long time. But I don't have any internet connection at home so I can't use the internet in the evening or during weekends.  Last week I was really busy with meeting new and old friends but have a look....

Last Monday (14.2.05) Chris arrived from Alice Springs and we had a lovely evening with his mates from the tour together. It was really funny to see him after two weeks again, it was like meeting and old friend (acually he is old :)) sorry Chris!! :)

On Tuesday we met each other in town and I showed him a little bit Adelaide. We went to the State Library to check the emails (which is by the way free there) and visited the South Australian Museum. I learnt a lot there but maybe not such usefull things which I need for the school. But you never know for what occasion each information, which u know, could be usefull. After that we went to Glenelg Beach and Peach I forgot to tell u, but I have a new Bikini it is red (I know u don't like red but I don't care, I like it).

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't so good so we decided to enjoy a cup of  tea and coffee in a nearby restaurant and we talked a lot.

Chris went then on Thursday and Friday on a Kangaroo Island trip and I attended the school again.

On Thursday evening I was invited for dinner by Hung (a australian boy which is originally Vietnamese). He is an excellent cook and the meal was delicious.

On Friday evening I went with him and Nori (Japanese boy and his flat mate and a friend from school from me) to the Good Vibration Festival in Adelaide (West Beach). We saw three bands playing and had had a fantastic evening togheter. I danced a lot and my legs were suffering afterwards. And I have to say that Nori is a great dancer. YES Nori u r and u know it!!!!

On Saturday I went with Taka (the japanese boy who I met already in Airlie) and Chris to Victor Harbour for a surfing lesson. Because the busses were on strike I had not such a good start in the morning, but at the end everything was ok. Victor Harbour was nice, but it was just too cold to have a sightseeing tour around there. So we ate a Hot dog, some delicious donuts and had a break in a nearby restaurant called Bavaria (I recommend it, it's absolutely nice). After that we had lunch and during this time nobody really thought that we will spent the next 2 hours in the water because it was really cold and windy there. Surprisingly, after we changed our clothes and had a warming up nobody couldn't wait to go into the water and enjoy their first oder second (for me) surf lessons. I was astonished that it went so good at the end but to be honest I was really exhausted after that. All in all, it was a great day and everybody enjoyed it.

And now, the real life have me back again... not such a funny week so far...


08.02.2005 um 15:45 Uhr


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I'm still alive...

Changed school to Adelaide on Saturday and started very well yesterday. This school is much bigger than in Airlie and there are a lot of more students here. I enjoy going to school here. Met Taka today!

My new homestay family is really great and I feel really comfortable with them and have a great time. A lot of peple are living with them and they have even a dog and two cats.

But I miss a little bit Airlie Beach. It's a little bit cooler over here and much bigger, so you don't feel so guickly at home like in Airlie Beach. And I miss the lagooon . But my homestay family has a big swimmingpool, so I can swim there. Will look if I go to the beach after school. My new schoolmates are also very great and I meet every day a few new people. But I miss my mates from Airlie too. Hope to see them again.